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In Parchemins, Inkling, a tiny creature made of ink, is trying to find her place in the world of graphic design. That's why she journeys across mazes made of typefaces and pictures printed on scrolls, looking for answers.

These scrolls are movable. Thus, the paths in the mazes will change constantly. It will be challenging for Inkling to find her way through and collect all the lost letters.

Inkling hopes that the words she rebuilds with the lost letters will help her find where she belongs. But a mysterious power, hidden in the shadows is setting the scrolls on fire, to prevent Inkling from succeeding in her quest for scrolls.

How to play ?

The player can interact with different elements to help Inkling progress through the mazes.

The scrolls : a player can flick his finger on a scroll to make it rotate. The scroll's rotation speed depends on the flick's width. Turning a scroll modfies the maze's structure and opens or closes paths. It's noteworthy to mention that it's not possible to rotate the scroll the main character is on.

Inkling : to move Inkling the player has to touch the button on the right hand side interface corresponding to a collectible letter visible in the maze. The scroll left by the character then becomes movable, while the one it arrives on becomes unmovable.

The magic words : by rotating scrolls, the player can create word combinations that will have a specific effect on game elements. For instance, creating the "Extinguish fire" combination by placing two contiguous scrolls appropriately will have the effect of stopping the fire threatening the player.

The password : It is the word the player has to recreate by collecting the lost letters dispatched in the maze. It is represented on the user interface on the right by buttons. The letters are masked at first. They are revealed on the interface depending on which letters are visible in the maze.

Victory conditions : The player succeeds in finishing a level when he has collected all the letters composing the password.

The team behind Parchemins :

Suzanne Dang

Jeremy Delfly

Sylvain Murat

Vincent Roure

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